Sencitec for Management System WLL, established in October 2006, is a leading Business Management and Consulting firm serving the Middle East region and UK, with main offices in Bahrain.

Sencitec plays a vital role in the Middle East region by providing cutting edge technology solutions along with business consultation and marketing intermediation to Small and Medium Enterprise Business firms, with the main aim of increasing their Return on Investment. Our unique operating style has won us several clients over the past.

Our current business spread across sectors like Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Power, Construction, Communications and Educational Excellence.

We serve as a platform for the international companies to expand their business in the GCC and Middle East as Regional Marketing Intermediately.

To be the best provider of innovative business and technology solutions to create and sustain value for our clients, improve there operational efficiency and business processes including compliance with:
- Continue to seek association with international firms
- Continue to identify clients whom we can render service
- Define their business and re-define it to provide innovative solutions,
  and increase their profitability

Our Management Team includes:

Board of Directors
Mr. Ismet Amin Khawaja, Chairman & CEO (+973-33212050)
Ms. Sadia Amin Khawaja, Managing Director
Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Ishtiaq, Resident Director

Associate Directors:
Mr. Kafeel Amin Khawaja
Mr. Nabeel Amin Khawaja

Chief Operating Officer:
Mr. Mohammad Shahnawaz (+973-39840667)

Management Associate:
Mr. Ammad Farooq (+973-33886005)

Associate Consultant:

Mr. J. Varghese (+973-39854497)