Below is the profile for Dr Gulzar Ahmad AND the list of over 50 Coporate Training Seminars that Sencitec can provide. These are delivered by Dr Gulzar Ahmad, a new member of our Sencitec Team.

GULZAR  AHMAD qualified his PhD in Applied Psychology  in 1998 from University of the Punjab, Lahore that was evaluated as equivalent to regionally accredited universities in US by the International Education Research Foundation Inc, US. On the invitations of the Department of Education, Training and Employment, Government of Southern Australia; US Department of Health and Human Services; State Department of Education, Chile, and many other governmental and non-governmental organizations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Dr Gulzar gave many presentations and workshops in over 50 national and international conferences. His 10 research papers have been published in journals of international repute, and he supervised and evaluated over 500 research assignments of MSc and MBA students. Dr Gulzar has proven excellent record of teaching and training with variegated multiple intelligence instructional techniques, curricula development, counseling, and research guidance for the graduate and postgraduate students in diversified areas of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Social, Educational, and Business Management studies for over 25 years. He was honored with excellent teaching and co-curricular activities awards by some universities, and the best speaker awards by a Toastmaster International Club, Bahrain. He is a university professor and corporate programs trainer in Human Resource Management, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance & Ethics, and Strategic Management and many other management subjects, with customized needs of the clients. Additionally, he teaches regular and intensive courses and imparts workshops in personal development skills as work and family life, healthy child, marriage & family relationships, effective teaching & learning process, emotional intelligence, motivation & morale, conflict management, stress management etc. in different universities and corporate organizations. He is a renowned writer for community’s social and moral development, public speaker, and his interviews were broadcast and telecast on different radio and television channels including PBC & PTV network, Bahrain TV, ABC South Africa and ABC Australia. Dr Gulzar has/had been holding memberships and positions in over 50 national and international organizations around the globe. His biography is published in Who’s Who in the World, New Jersey, US and International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, UK in ten consecutive editions each. He is residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain for over 10 years. His hobby is brisk walking; he loves knowledge, beauty & morality; appreciates sense of humor, innovation and creativity, and aspires for peace, progress and excellent human development.

Coporate Training Seminars List 2011/12

Seminar CodeSeminar Description
A101Administrative Support
A201Anger Management
A301Assertiveness and Self-Confidence 
A401Attention Management
B101Budgets and Financial reports
B201Business Ethics
B301Business Etiquettes
B401Business Succession Planning
B101Business Writing
C101Call Centre Training 
C102Change Management
C103Coaching and Mentoring
C104Communication Strategies
C105Conflict Resolution
C106Creative problem solving
C107Customer Service
C108Corporate Governance & Ethics
C109Corporate Strategy
E101Emotional Intelligence
F101Facilitation Skills
G101Generation Gaps
G102Globalization and MDGs
H101Human Resource Management
I101Interpersonal Skills
J101Job Search Skills
K101Knowledge Management
L101Leadership and Influence
L102Lean Six Sigma
M101Measuring Results From Training
M102Media and Public Relations
M103Meeting Management
M104Middle Manager
N101Motivating Employees
N102Negotiation Skills
O101Organizational Behavior
O102Organization Theory
P101Personal Productivity
P102Presentation Skills
P103Project Management                  
P104Proposal Writing
P105Public Speaking
R101Recruitment and Interviewing Skills
S101Safety in the Workplace                                          
S102Sales Fundamentals
S103Stress Management
S104Supervising Others
T101Team Work and Team Building
T102Time Management
W101Workplace Diversity
W102Workplace Harassment 
W103Workplace Violence